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Recommendation Letters from Customers

2017-08-24 18:45:28


I am writing to recommend the services of the Xiamen Wanhao Stone. I have been using Wanhao Stone for over five years, and have always found them to be professional and reliable. The quality of their carved memorial work is excellent which currently differentiates in a favourable way to their competitors.


It is highly important to us that our customers receive their orders on time and Wanhao Stone are deeply committed to achieving every delivery deadline. On the rare occasions when orders have been damaged during transit, Wanhao Stone have taken responsibility for the cost of replacing the items.


Overall, Wanhao’s customer service is good. The staff will usually answer a query within a reasonable amount of time.


I am more than happy to recommend the services of Wanhao Stone. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Richard Stratford