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Stone Material Price is expected to rise 20-35 since July of 2017

2017-08-24 11:57:58

Stone Material Price is expected to rise 20%-35% since July of 2017

From may of 2017, massive regulation of environmental protection were launched. Lots of quarries were shut down for regulation and "Greening" cultivation. Gutian,Longyan, Putian and Nan'an of fujian province are facing most severe restrictions, and the most important stone basis of Shui'tou, Guan'qiao and Shi'jing towns will be under "breathtaking" checking. 

Under such environment, the number of stone material is shrinking. Now with the limitations and shut down of the quarries, the varieties and quantity of the stone material is inevitably collapsed. When the market demand surge suddenly, the price will be definitely drived to rise dramatically. It is expected to rise 20%-35%.